A Few Testimonials

Hi, Jim.

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you that your dressing is AMAZING!  My man and I are lifelong, hard-core blue cheese fanatics, trying new and different kinds whenever we can.  I accidentally found a jar of your dressing in our local McKays/Freshmart store a couple days ago, and, just by looking at it, knew we had to try it.  And it was love at first bite.  My boyfriend said, "You have to go online and see if you can send them an email and tell them they nailed it!"

We will be buying this stuff as long as you're selling it, and we will be telling all our friends and family to try it, as well.

Thank you so much,

Rhonda & Karl
Coos Bay 

Hi Jim

I received a jar of your dressing as a hostess gift for Christmas from my aunt who resides in Portland.  It was fabulous!!! We used it as a veggie dip, on buffalo wings, and on roast beef - which was amazing!

My sister and I have a small gift shop on Long Island, NY with a very eclectic mix of merchandise.  Would you be interested in selling dressing to us at a wholesale price for our store?  

Thank you for your time


Good Morning Jim, 

My name is Kyle and I'm looking to open a restaurant located in Portland in the near future and I'd be honored if we could offer your bleu cheese to compliment our salads (In my eyes there is no other bleu cheese!). I'm emailing you today to get an idea on cost purchasing larger quantities from you. Please email me back with pricing details and any other information on how larger orders on an on going basis will work. 


- Kyle

Hi Jim,

I'd like to get a case of your dressing to include in my Christmas baskets for my A+ clients.  I know they're in stores now, but I'd rather buy them straight from you.

I was given a jar of your Blue Cheese dressing a few months back (by a friend from Wisconsin that works for CH Robinson.)  I'm almost out of the dressing and I love it!  I'm wondering where I can get more.  I live in SE Portland and I'm hoping it's carried at one of the local grocery stores.




We recently had a taste of your Blue Cheese Dressing and REALLY enjoyed it. The think is I live here in Hillsboro but my mom lives in Colorado. She would love to take some home with her, but does not know if it needs to be refrigerated, or if it can be kept in her suitcase on the way home? If she were to order some when she gets home how much would shipping and handling cost and what is the minimum for ordering?

I was told we can pick some up at Hank's is there any other retailers in town?

Thank for your help!

Hi Jim,

I bought some of your Bleu Diamond dressing at the Hillsboro Farmer's Market this year and have used it all!  It was that good! How can I purchase some more dressing? Do you ship, sell it in stores or will I need to come pick it up?

Thanks so much,


Just got back from Cannon Beach. LOVE your Blue Cheese dressing. Best I have ever had. Do you sell in Bend/Sisters/Redmond? If not, can I purchase some, say a case?


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