History of Bleu Diamond Dressing

Grandma Eleanor was born in Hood River, Oregon to Abe and Leona Foley in 1907. She was an incredible person and a wonderful cook. She worked as “Rosie the Riveter” in the Keizer Ship yard during the war while Grandpa was a merchant marine in the Solomon Islands. She also owned a restaurant in the Portland Area in the 1930’s.

When I was growing up, she lived in Multnomah Village in a big old house. Since we lived close, I would ride bikes to visit her and mess around downtown. Family dinners were always at Grandma’s house. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, her house was full of aunts, uncles, cousins, and very special times. Her dinners were full blown with the works; turkey, mashed spuds, yams, and you name it, it was there. One of her recipes was a Roquefort dressing that she would make for special occasions. My brother loved her yams, my sister loved the mashed spuds, and I for one liked her dressing.

The years went by and in 1989; Grandma passed away along with many of her recipes, except for one, her Roquefort dressing. It was a few years later when I asked my mom if she knew the recipe, and if she had some idea of how to make the dressing. She said, “Well ya take some of this, and ya take some of that, mix all together until it looks right, then season to taste!” Thanks Ma!

A few more years went by and we lost mom as well. Feeling sentimental, I started thinking about family memories and the holidays we spent together. I decided I wanted to look for Grandma’s “recipe”, dug it out of the cupboard, and started experimenting. Since there were no exact measurements or steps, and after many hours of trial and error, I came up with what we have now, which is real close to what I remember her making.

So keeping with tradition, I would make some on special occasions; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course my birthday. I would always have a little extra and give to friends and family.

Well, when the requests started coming in, “When ya going to make more?” I soon started making it and giving it to friends as Christmas presents and some for Birthdays. And the more requests, “When are you going to make more, I’m all outta that stuff”. Did I mention it’s expensive to make?

Many friends suggested that I make it to sell and that’s where we are now. My wife and I have started a company called Cannon Family LLC, along with a few friends to help market the dressing. We decided t name the dressing, Bleu Diamond Dressing, due to my love for baseball and of course my Grandma’s wonderful recipe!

If you want some I’ll make it, just request it. I haven’t heard anything about the dressing other than people just can’t get enough! Some put it on salads, but it doesn’t stop there. I personally like it on baked potatoes, but it goes good on many things. Others put it on steaks, grilled chicken or salmon. They also mix it with tuna and mashed spuds; eat it as a dip with pizza, chicken wings, French fries, vegetables, chips, or crackers. The possibilities are endless!

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